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As a Creative, I use various outlets to portray my works, to include writing. When I am not drawing or making films, I enjoy storytelling through writing various fictional tales of action & adventure, science fiction, drama, romance, comedy and fantasy. Below are some of my written works, which are also available for purchase.

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Escape to Greener Pastures Novel


Marjorie lives a life surrounded by chaos. She lives in a small apartment with seven other people, she is financially strained, and between work and school, there seems to be no end to her disarrayed life. Enter Latrice, someone who seems to have it all. She doesn’t have to worry about the chaos that Marjorie experiences on a daily basis; but she has her own problems which go unnoticed at first glance. Both of their worlds seem to unraveled the moment they meet. Marjorie soon realizes that she and Latrice share a commonality; but will it bring them closer together or tear their friendship apart? Greener pastures is a story about friendship, tribulation, and some of life’s anticipated, and even unexpected experiences. It’s also a story, with plenty of twists and turns, that teaches the old lesson in life, that sometimes the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Click on the image to buy your copy!

SABMG1 Cover.jpg


Co-authors Sonise Lumbaca and Ayesha DeRaville provide a snapshot of a diverse community of women, some viewed as heroines, and others not as dynamic. There are twists. There are turns. And some unexpected cliffhangers and surprise endings. “Space Aliens, Bad Mothers and Guns!” is a compilation of short stories that presents a variety of situations that test these women’s mental, and in some cases physical stamina, while exploring some of the darkest and controversial sides of human behavior. Click on the image to buy your copy!



More aliens? Are mothers still behaving badly? And what about those guns? But wait, there’s more! The identical duo are at it again unleashing a variety of characters whose individual stories will take you on a ride so wild, it will give you vertigo. New characters whose stories are full of many twists, turns, cliff-hangers and unexpected endings. Action & adventure, science fiction, romance and the exploration of the dark side of every day subjects, Space Aliens, Bad Mother’s and Guns: Volume 2 has a little something for everyone! Click on the image to buy your copy!

SABMG Volume 3.jpg


The twin literary architects behind the "Space Aliens, Bad Mothers and Guns! (SABMG!)" book series are at it again with their third installment of their bold short tales. Sonise Lumbaca and Ayesha DeRaville continue to build their momentum of creating a collection of short stories embracing the genres of action & adventure, suspense, fantasy, science fiction, comedy and even a little bit of romance. They incorporate contemporary controversial topics while illuminating some of the darkest of subjects while adding light to others. SABMG! provides “in-your-face” content on subjects regarding human behavior that many people don’t want to admit exists, in addition to adding a bit of humor to help us laugh at ourselves and the individual decision we make in our lives. These stories are also full of many extreme twists, turns and cliffhangers, coupled with comedy that will surprise many readers and keep them coming back for more.

In this third volume of "Space Aliens, Bad Mothers and Guns!" "Adipose" returns with Celine and the Commander, continuing on with the search for the path to the North. We also meet Frith before she became “Frith” in the story "The Game" from Volume 2 of the series. There is also other good doses of science fiction and fantasy added to this volume, giving readers a rise to a new kind of overt superhero and some surprising covert ones. And finally, SABMG! would be remiss if there weren’t stories about everyday life with some of its added challenges and how people mitigate them; of course with some SABMG! twists, sarcasm and humor.

If you haven’t already entered the world of "Space Aliens, Bad Mothers and Guns!" don’t be surprised if this volume suddenly makes you decide to take a seat and kick up your feet for a while as you enjoy the show. Click on the image to buy your copy!

SABMG Volume 4.jpg


Enter the world of SPACE ALIENS, BAD MOTHERS AND GUNS! Volume 4 remains loyal to telling tales with twists, unexpected turns and plenty of cliffhangers. The lead characters continue to be women, with much of them representing women of color. Some tales are wild. Some seem farfetched. But they all have something in common: the human condition.

Adipose returns, and continues to follow Missy as she treks the desert in search of what? You’ll have to read it to find out. Also back is The Game: Beginnings, introducing you to the character Toya. Other original tales present a light-hearted take on life’s situations such as health, relationships and even death. Then there are new stories that stay true to our name SPACE ALIENS, BAD MOTHERS, AND GUNS! As an added bonus, original artworks from the authors are included throughout the novel based on popular demand.

Space Aliens, Bad Mothers Guns! Whether you are a science fiction fanatic, or you need more drama in your life, this anthology of short stories serves a menu of delights to choose from. What’s your genre? Click on the image to buy your copy!

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